Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wigging out!

   I wore a long wig for the Friday morning newscast, and got very favorable comments.  Right now, though, I feel like I have a "shield of niceness" protecting me from anyone saying anything negative!  No one can pick on me... I have cancer!  While this wig felt comfortable, it was also a lot longer than I think is appropriate for someone my age (not gonna say right now) and I will likely have a couple of inches trimmed off the ends.   I really want honest feedback, because that particular wig is $350.00.  I don't want to buy it unless it's really great!
  After brushing out several brushes full of hair Friday night, I shampooed and gently rubbed out several more hands full of hair in the shower Saturday morning.  I thought a cat had gotten into the shower with me, but it was the huge pile of my formerly thick, wavy hair, tufted up in the drain!  I heard I should blow it dry (very thin and some bald spots) before my husband and kids  trimmed it down to about an inch long, then used clippers to give me a buzz cut to about 1/4 inch.

   I'm surprised how many brown hairs are still there!  And how soft and strange my head is right now!  Some areas are a little tender, but there are quite a few hairs hanging in there, that don't want to fall out just yet.  I've heard the second treatment can knock the rest out, but in the meantime it feels like I'm G.I. Jane!  (Not so bad if I look like Demi Moore!)  I have heard that this buzz cut can be emotional, but it was kind of fun for the family, and more of a bonding experience than a sad one.  I snapped on a nylon cap, then put on a different, shorter wig (that drove me nuts) and headed to the mall for an interview on KBULL 93- for their radio telethon for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Kent and the kids shopped, while I battled pokey bangs that made me feel like a bad American Girl doll.
  The wig came off as soon as we got in the car, and the sun felt good on my naked scalp!  The dork kids and hubby kinda like the new look, and can't keep from rubbing the soft stubble (that will soon be gone.)  I like massaging lotion into my scalp instead of plastering hair spray on stiff hair!  It is a little cold on the cotton pillow case...but like a fresh turn on a hot summer night...not so bad!
  I decided to wear the long one Monday, but switched to the shorter one for Tuesday morning.  LOVING, by the way, sleeping in until after 3 am!!!  My shower this morning was less than 5 minutes long!!!  And no blow dry styling for more than 20 minutes!   I washed my head with a wash cloth, and didn't have to shave legs or pits, so Voila...done!
  The shorter smooth style wig is sassy, but it was like a vice on my brain for the three hour broadcast.  I decide to take it off with a few seconds left of the show that I have an almost bald head...and to be real.  Great feedback, and already, the folks at the station are getting used to seeing me with no hair!  I still feel great, have good energy, and am gearing up for chemo treatment #2 this Friday!
  I'm excited to have my awesome Dad here for Friday's treatment!  Really, he and his wonderful wife have come every year for our twins' birthday on the 13th, and it timed out for the treatment.  I hope he's okay...because he's 87...and was by my mom's side through several chemo treatments as she battled colon cancer (and lost) almost 18 years ago.  I hope he is his positive, funny self, instead of having any negative flashbacks about mom.  She was amazingly strong, and served as a state lawmaker in the Seattle area, while going through both of her bouts with chemo in the early 90's.
  I hope I can be as strong as she so many areas of my life.  Her hair never came out completely, and I never saw her wear a wig.  She loved some of those super-soft hats, surrounded herself with positive people, and grabbed naps in her office when she could.  Smart lady...


  1. I saw both wigs and think they both looked very nice. Now, having said that, I have to clarify that the long hair didn't seem like you. I think you aren't a long hair person. Maybe the color of it was too young. I'm not sure. I don't generally dislike longer hair on older females. I'm 55 myself. My vote is to go "natural" and when necessary, go with a shorter wig. Best of luck with everything Mary!!

  2. I liked the shorter one better as well. My concern with going natural is that with the chemo, your skin is more sensitive to sun and I would be concerned about the studio lights burning the never exposed scalp. Just my opinion.

    1. I had a problem with wigs being too tight (big head) so I was told to get the wig damp and then stretch it over a large coffee can overnight. It did the trick! I also would say go with the shorter wig- they also last longer, because long haired wigs tend to get matted from rubbing against coats, etc. in the winter.

  3. I had a shorter one and like you said Mary, it drove me crazy!! I think you should keep the longer one and maybe trim it a few inches. But I suggest you go all natural when you can and find a womens baseball cap thats not too snug and no buckles for when you can no longer take the wig and just need to cover up with something!! I got so that I loved my baseball caps more than anything and I had one in every color I could find!! I want you to know that as a Breast Cancer Suvivor, I really enjoy reading your experience!!


    Hya Mary, this is *Rose _we met @ our Doctor's parking lot right before your 1ST chemo session, remember? ;O)~

    Now, let's talk WIGS, shall we?

    In answer to your question: No, I don't think you are too old to wear long hair. In fact, you look very current _not to mention *sizzling hot, in that long wig. And its color goes perfect with your complexion.

    And about that silly rule (=no long hair after 30) ... ask yourself: would the good Lord bother giving me such a lovely tall neck were I not meant to wear luxious long hair? ;o)~ hahaha

    Funny thing ... the next day, when you wore the short wig ... I couldn't tell for sure whether it was a wig or your real hair.

    Needless to say, I think you should keep the short & sassy wig too, not only because it is more comfortable (for every day wear esp) but because it emotionally soothing to have at least one wig that help us look the way we did prior the radical change imposed by circumstances).

    I believe that human brain needs time to adjust body image (=switch the image on file to the new hairless look).

    Btw, I am glad you took my advise re. the problems with too close a shave & left a quarter inch avoiding the razor stubble burn I experienced.


    I have a few suggestions to ease this wig adaptation period:

    1. do away with the ***netting cap. Those caps are essential equipment for those with hair but for shaved head folks, the cap is only good to make us hot, sore & miserable.

    In my case, the cap caused friction by going against the grain on my razor stubbles (remember I did shave but never lost my hair after all). In addition, the stupid rubber band around the net was too tight & left a deep mark _obviously causing pain & irritation not to mention stopping circulation.

    _Honestly Mary, I dutifully wore the cap for the first few miserable wig wearing days. My fear was that if I failed to wear it, my wig would slip out of place like in a bad SNL sketch.

    Fortunatelly, nothing like that ever happened. So, I suggest you try the wig without the cap under.

    Also there is a size adjustment strap either on the bottom or sides of every wig. You may have to losen yours a notch.
    take care

  5. I think you look better with shorter hair. That has been your style and you look great with the shorter style. I would also love to see a picture of you with your bald head. Hang in there, we're rooting for you.

  6. Hey Mary,
    So funny that I was just going to leave you a comment on how WONDERFUL the short wig looks today! I just turned on my TV to see how you and crew were doing...and much to my had a new wig on! You wanted honesty and I must say-stick with the short wig and go use that money on something nice and something you deserve! You are beautiful no matter what-thinking of you every day. With lots of love, Marshelle

  7. A little correction... You HAD cancer. It was gone with the surgery. Chemo and radiation will insure that. While going through my experience, I REALLY became aware of words and the power they and your mind holds. Your beautiful and sending prayers for your next round tomorrow.
    p.s. I HATED my wig. I only wore it a couple of times... and they were the ONLY times when I got mad at the situation.

  8. I love your positive spirit! You make me remember again how strong we, as women, can be when it comes to the tough situations that come along in life. I don't think it's your hair or pretty face that makes you so likable as a TV personality, but your motivating spirit that keeps your fans constantly interested by what you do. I enjoy reading your blog entries and glad that you know how much support you have from everyone.

  9. You are so beautiful Mary! I also liked the long one, but think the short ones that you wore the past couple of days look more like you. Good luck with chemo tomorrow and have a good day with your dad!

  10. I loved the long wig it make you look younger than you already are. The shorter ones are more like what we are used to seeing you in and they also are very complimentary. So you should wear what makes you feel best. You look beautiful no matter what. Good luck with your next treatment tomorrow. Hope it goes smooth and uneventful.

  11. I personally liked both the shorter and longer wigs. But I also think you should go with what you are more comfortable with and not what popular opinion is. You are beautiful either way just because of who you are the light you radiate. I have the deepest respect for you and all those men, women, and children who have fought this terrible disease. I know from personal experience with our then 18 month old granddaughter who fought a cancerous brain tumor, how devastating this all can be. She fought, and she won, and we have been so blessed. Thanks again for sharing this story with everybody. Like I told you before, it motivated me to get my mammogram, colonoscopy, and also checked for skin cancer. And thank goodness because they found two large polyps in my colon that fortunately came back negative for cancer, but were showing early signs of cell change. My mammogram was clear and so was my check up for skin cancer. Seriously Mary...thank you!!! God bless! You are a fighter and you will be a winner! We are all praying for you.

  12. I like the short one. It's very cute. I didn't ever go the wig route- just opted for scarves and hats or my bald little head. My kids love rubbing my head too- weirdos.
    I have been surprised at how much I have not minded being bald, although I am glad that it is starting to come back. The scarves and hats have been fun, but I am ready for a good old-fashioned "bad hair day".
    It's funny that you mentioned the pillowcase being cold. That is the first thing I noticed the night we shaved my head. :)
    Still sending positive thoughts and good luck wishes your way.

  13. I love the short one! It looks like "happy hair" and it matches your personality! No matter what you pick it has to be comfortable. our age "it's all about the comfort"! Hugs to you from all of us here in Zion Canyon! ♥

  14. Mary, I feel like your shadow. I commented on your last hair post as I started chemo a week behind you and just this evening I did the buzz cut thing with my husband and his brother who is visiting took pictures for us. It was emotional, funny, sad, and in some strange way peaceful as my husband took what was left of my hair.

    It had been falling out in handfuls all day and I had left work early because it was too much for me to handle staying at work with it that way.

    I also am having treatment #2 tomorrow (Friday) I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best for yours while I'm having mine.

    Thank you for continuing to post. I hate that anyone else is going through this, but somehow I don't feel quite so alone.


  15. Loved both styles on you. Color great on long one, yourself in the short one. Would love to get my hair cut like yours. Can you share who your hair stylis is? I want to look beautiful like you! Your one hell of a WOMAN!!!

  16. Good luck today Mary...I will keep you in my prayers! Remember to laugh and stay happy... you are strong and can make it! This to shall will look back on this and know what a strong person you are.

  17. Again, I am so impressed with your attitude. Attitude has such a huge impact on how things go I believe. I saw you with the shorter wig, I think I liked that one the best, but is sounds like it was bothering you, which is no good. Know that you are in so many peoples prayers today as you go through treatment. Which you all the best Mary.

  18. I also like the short wig better. When my Mom had breast cancer, she just wore a scarf knotted at the back of her head, and put a hat over the top with one of the flower barrettes the girls in the neighborhood made for her. She seemed to really like the hats. (Although she did end up buying a wig toward the end of her Chemo/radiation treatments--but that was mostly because she wanted to have hair in my wedding pictures.)

  19. L♥ved the shorter one...

    I make Bottles of Hope for cancer patients... Can you please contact me?


  20. I just wanted to say that I try and watch you guys every morning. I get so excited every morning when I see you with your smiling face on my TV, It really makes my day! I have to say I rather like the long wig on you it does make you look younger I would not change it a bit, but the shorter one does look like your real hair style. I missed you on TV for a couple of days because of my own health and did not even realize you had on a wig. Thought you just got extensions in your hair, then you switched and I was wondering what I missed. I really hope you are doing well and that you enjoy the time with your family. Wish your Kids a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and tell them not to grow up too fast.

  21. We're the same age and I love longer hair. I loved your longer wig, but noticed the shorter one was more "your hair." I think play with them for sure if you want. I hear the wigs are hard. My best friend preferred scarfs and hats, the wigs she said were hot and uncomfortable. Of course her career was not infront of the camera. :)
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, one day I want to share with you my story, too new still, but you have brought hope into my life again.

  22. I do not get to watch the monring news as I am always in a rush to get ready for work. And I cannot watch the noon news because I am at work. I wish you would post the pictures of both wigs and wigless on here for those that miss the morning and noon news. I think you are amazing and strong and am so very thankful that you are willing to share your experience with the public. I am sure you have helped many people feel more comfortable with their own situations and even for those who have not yet had to deal with cancer. Thanks again and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. Mary, I love both wigs on you. I am partial to the longer wig, but you should go with the one that feels best on your head. They both looked awesome. Wow, $350 for a wig. I have not bought one in years. My sister decided to fore-go her wig and wore a scarf and it looked great. Have you tried that look with a scarf? Good luck on your second treatment, wonderful to have your Dad and Step Mom here to cheer you on. Onward and upward. Keep smiling. Was this your first Mammogram when the cancer was found? For the next couple years you will have frequent mammos, I hate them but they save lives.

  24. Mary, you are a strong beautiful woman. I saw you in the red wig this morning. I'm more partial to red heads. I like you in both.
    Here is what I did last fall when mine started falling out from chemo.

    If you can't have a little fun with cancer, why have it?!

    Comfort, Courage, and Happiness to you!


  25. I really admire and appreciate your complete candidness about everything. Either wig looks great and I think it would be just a great for you to do the news without any wig. Your strength and beauty is there regardless of what's on your head.

  26. Mary, you do not need hair to make you beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story with your fans, including me.

  27. Mary, I cried when I saw your pick of you with your bald head. You are BEAUTIFUL! Your eyes glow with amazing clarity. You are a true inspiration to me. You asked for honesty on the wigs, longer is just not the Mary I know and love, while the shorter is more you, but that is only my opinion. I have watched and loved you and the team at 2News for years. Stay Strong and keep on smiling, You are Beautiful!

  28. Mary, you have always been a lovely woman, but without hair, you are absolutely beautiful. Both my husband and i think you look stunning.
    Any day you are feeling like the wig is too scratchy or won't sit right or if you get plain sick of wigs, show up as the new bald is beautiful you. You look spectacular.
    Big hugs and zapping cancer rays on their way to you. Barbara and Terry

  29. Ohmygosh! I LOVE your baldness! It's beautiful just as you are. You should be proud and strong. <3 I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts & prayers. Much love!!

  30. How cute are you with no hair!!??!!! When I was taking care of my mother-in-law while she went through chemo, we thought the baldness was such a blessing. She did get sick, and taking care of hair was the last thing on our minds. And really, you are adorable! You are such a pillar of strength! (That said with no "shield of niceness.")

  31. You look absolutely gorgeous with or without hair! You are so inspiring and I love reading your blog! Sending lots of love, prayers and strength your away! :)

  32. You are beautiful, with or without hair! The shape of your head makes being bald even more beautiful!

  33. Hair or not, you are beautiful! I admire you! Your outlook is one we can all learn from. Attitude is everything!

  34. You are so beautiful, without your hair. Thanks for inspiring me and encouraging many people. You are in my prayers.

  35. I think the longer wig would look better trimmed to an inch below shoulder length. I like the color of the long one. The short one is great: you look like you usually do. There are also some terrific hats and turbins out there. Maybe Casey could do a couple more shopping stories for those. You are gorgeous bald. What a beauty you are. Maybe a bit distracting for on air. Purely delighted you are doing so well.

  36. You look absolutely beautiful bald. Your eyes really sparkle and it is always great to see you smile!!! Thank you for sharing all that you do with us. Sending prayers your way!